Toddler Yoga Poster ~ Charlie ~ Poses on the Poster
Introducing yoga at an early age can help children learn healthy, happy lifestyle habits and help them feel more focused and calm.
It's also a great way to get them moving and having fun!
Toddlers are prone to meltdowns, addressing these physical reactions with some yoga is a great place to start!
This poster is just an inspiration guide, please encourage your toddlers creativity and just go with it!
It's not about perfectly aligned poses, it's about calming down and having fun! 
These are the poses featured on the poster….
Have a good stretch and strengthen all of the major muscle groups. Reach up high and see if you can touch the sky!
Fold over and relax your neck and shoulders, let your arms hang and (if you can!) touch your toes
Lie on your tummy, stretched out with the tops of your feet and palms on your hands flat on the floor and lift your chest upwards.
Make a ‘ssssss’ sound for fun!
Hands and feet firmly on the ground, bum in the air.  Head, neck and shoulders relaxed.
Squat down as low as you can with your feet flat on the ground.
Jump up into a Rocket! Place your hands together above your head and reach up to the stars.
Place your hands together in prayer position, try to lift one foot whilst keeping the other rooted to the ground.
Then swap and try the other foot!
Take a deep breath and then pretend to blow up a big balloon or blow out some candles
Take a deep breath and then make a humming sound, with your mouth closed, like a buzzing Bee imagine saying the letter “m”.
Put your hands together in prayer position. The good that is in me recognises the good that is you.
Be thankful. Be grateful. Be the reason someone smiles today.